Australasian Humour Studies Network


Useful links for humour research around the world

Institutions and Networks:

International Society for Humor Studies (ISHS): humorstudies.org

International Summer School on Humour and Laughter (ISSHL): humoursummerschool.org

Centre for Comedy Studies Research (CCSR): brunel.ac.uk

Réseau interdisciplinaire de recherches sur l’humour (RiRH) (Interdisciplinary network for humour research]: rirh.hypotheses.org

Groupe de recherche sur l’industrie de l’humour (GRIH) [Research group on comedy industry]: carleton.ca/profbrouard/humour

Observatoire de l’humour (OH) [Observatory of Humour]: observatoiredelhumour.org

International Society for Persian Humour: isph.net/

International Society for Luso-Hispanic Humor Studies (ISLH/HS): islhhs2016.wordpress.com

Grupo de Investigación sobre la ironía y el humor en español (GRIALE) [Group for the study of irony and humour in Spanish]: griale.dfelg.ua.es

Japan Society for Laughter and Humor: http://www.nwgk.jp/index.html

Humor and Religion Discussion Group: groups.io/g/humourandreligion

Humours of the Past: humoursofthepast.wordpress.com

Forum for Humour and the Law (ForHum): https://www.forhum.org/

American Humor Studies Association: americanhumorstudiesassociation.wordpress.com

Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor: aath.org

International Association for the Philosophy of Humor (IAPH): philosophyofhumor.org/

Humour in the European public sphere https://humorinpublic.eu/



HUMOR: International Journal of Humor Research (H: IJHR): degruyter.com

Rivista Italiana di Studi sull’Umorismo (RISU): risu.biz

The European Journal of Humour Research (EJHR): europeanjournalofhumour.org

Israeli Journal of Humor Research (IJHR): israeli-humor-studies.org

Journal of Comedy Studies (JCS): tandfonline.com



The Power of Humour: https://isciachair.mandela.ac.za/Research/The-Power-of-Humour-2022